First Visit

Grand Rapids Pediatric Dentist Dentists

It is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry that children should visit the dentist by age 1.

The visit will help to build a healthy, trusting relationship between your child, our staff, and Dr. Brett, and to familiarize you as parents with the anticipated dental development and needs of your child.

Research has shown that children to visit the dentist at a young age have fewer cavities and a more positive experience at the dentist throughout their childhood!

Tips for the first visit

Whether your child is 1 year old, or older, you as a parent play a critical role in helping your child develop a positive and healthy attitude toward dental care. We suggest that you be completely natural, calm, and easy going when telling your child about their first dental appointment. Do not feel that you have to over-explain the upcoming appointment. Let us handle that!