Emergency Care, When it Matters Most

Grand Rapids Emergency Pediatric Dentist

Dental trauma is common to kids of all ages. Young children lack coordination and judgement. Crawling leads to walking, walking leads to running, running leads to falling. Falling sometimes leads to dental trauma. Dr. Kingma has extensive training in dental trauma and dental emergencies. You're child is in great hands.

Dental trauma to baby teeth

Children often fall and hit their teeth. It happens. Bleeding is common with these events. Rarely is a baby tooth re-implanted if it falls out or severely displaced. If it is chipped, broken, it can often be fixed or repaired. Call the office.

Dental trauma to permanent teeth

With kids and adolescents playing sports, riding bikes, swimming, jumping on trampolines, and much more – trauma to permanent teeth is common. If a permanent tooth is knocked out, severely chipped, or displaced, immediate action is required. If possible, put the tooth back in the socket, carefully holding it only by the crown (top of the tooth) and rinse off any debris. Call the office right away. If the tooth cannot be re-implanted, place it in milk or saliva – not water or salt water.

What to Expect:

  • We will get your child out of pain, diagnose your child's injury or infection, and treat the emergency when necessary.
  • We will schedule other visits if necessary to resolve the emergency, we may point out other treatment needs your child has, and we may refer to a different specialist if needed to complete treatment.